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Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty
On GR40 Kits & Parts

We can offer this warranty because we use formally trained, experienced welders and the best quality materials to be found.


At time of purchase a warranty registration document must be filled out and submitted to Griggs Racing Products within 30 days of purchase. To download this form as a printable PDF file, click here:

The owner/operator of the vehicle is the purchaser of the component and can provide proof of purchase from Griggs Racing Products or a registered dealer thereof. This warranty is non-transferable.


All welded steel components in this kit will be repaired or replaced by Griggs Racing Products for breakage. The part must be returned to Griggs Racing Products via the "Return Authorization-Warranty Claim" process. Griggs Racing will inspect the part, and make the final determination as to whether the part warrants replacement based on the following criteria:

Warranty Claim Process:

  • Griggs Racing must be notified directly by the claimant, or the dealer where parts were purchased. A return authorization number will be issued, and that number must be clearly written in large letters on the outside of the box when the part arrives at Griggs Racing.
  • The Number will look like: WC-RMA# 0001234.
  • Shipping instructions will be given with the RMA number.
  • The part will be evaluated upon receipt and if replacement or credit is warranted, Griggs Racing will notify you of the determination.
A warranty claim form must be completely filled out with a copy of proof of purchase and be included in the box with the part being returned. To download this form as a printable PDF file, click here:

Claimant will pay all freight charges.


Griggs Racing will evaluate the claim within 7 days of receipt, and issue a replacement order. It is up to the claimant to follow up with instructions to Griggs Racing if claim is approved. Always refer to the RMA# when contacting Griggs Racing.

Exclusions to warranty coverage:
(What will not be accepted as a reason for repair or replacement.)

  • Crash/impact damage. (The part is bent, broken or not. Example, front control arm broken, tubes are straight, but ball joint is bent. This is evidence of impact).
  • Broken or bent parts that show evidence of jacking or jack stand placement against the part.
  • Modification of part in any way from original design and construction as delivered by Griggs Racing Products.
  • Evidence of improper installation.
  • Evidence of operation with fasteners being either loose or over-tightened.
  • Penetrating rust or corrosion anywhere on the part.
  • Where applicable the correct components not installed for the vehicles usage when recommended by load ratings and application tables in the GRP catalog/website.
  • This warranty does not apply to aluminum or plastic parts, ball joints, spherical bearings and rod ends, end links, bushings, fasteners, shocks, struts or any other component that is a service item and subject to wear.
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