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About Us

Griggs Racing has a proud 30-year history of design, development and fabrication of specialized racing and high performance components for various amateur and professional racing teams around the world.

The first Griggs Racing TorqueArm System was installed in 1979 on a 2.8 liter V-6 powered, IMSA RS-Series Mustang. That car met success as have numerous race teams that have used Griggs Racing designs and products over the years. These include victories and championships in various divisions of AMA, GATR, IHRA, IMSA, NASCAR, NHRA, SCCA, SCORE, USAC, and WoO.

Our focus at Griggs Racing Products is chassis development because as just about every person knows somebody who has found out the hard way that high-horsepower added to an otherwise good car an result in a real white-knuckle ride.  We have used shop cars such as “Old Blue” as our test mules, proving on the race track through numerous victories that we offer parts and systems of the highest standards of performance available.  We then ported the proven race winning geometry to the street by offering products that turn a stock chassis car into a vehicle that is capable of out performing cars that cost ten times as much. 

Old Blue
The Griggs Racing Shop Car "Old Blue"

Since 1979 we have continued to refine every product offering that we have.  This means that products are never finished; instead they are constantly under revision.  By continuing to innovate we have driven the Mustang aftermarket towards levels that even surprise us especially in the handling arena.  All products are manufactured in house at our 50000 square foot facility in Petaluma, California. Our other facility at Infineon Raceway provides us with a proving ground and testing lab right outside. That is something no other supplier of chassis systems in our markets enjoys.  At any given time inside the service shop at Griggs Racing you will see a myriad of vehicles having everything done to them from things as simple as a supercharger install to complete builds of turn key GR40 Series cars and race cars for use in NASA American Iron, SCCA, etc.  This creates a unique mix of vehicles were you will have everything from daily drivers and show cars to the Mustang with the most road race victories of all time under one roof.

The Shop At Night
The Griggs Racing Shop Just Before Lights Out

To the discerning Mustang enthusiast this is hollowed ground.  In fact, prior to the construction of our shop the first Saleens were built on this very lot of land.  For years after it seems that many cars bearing that name would come trickling back into our shop looking for better performance.   This lead to the long standing adage championed by many of our customers,  “Styling by Saleen, performance by Griggs”.  

Griggs Racing Shop

For those lucky enough to live within driving distance of or visiting Northern California give us a call and we will give you a test ride in one of our demo cars.  We will without a doubt guarantee you that you have never been in a Mustang that performs anything like it.  Just one ride in a properly tuned GR40 chassis and you will join the thongs of believers that hold true to their heart this adage,  no other company delivers the value in performance that Griggs Racing does. 

Infineon Raceway
Griggs Racing Products testing grounds at Infinieon Raceway

Here is a little pointer for those who may live far away… our shop is nestled in the heart of the wine country.  Bring your loved one for “a romantic getaway to the wine country”.  While site seeing if you happen to stumble upon our shop we won’t tell anyone the real reason for the vacation. :)   You’ll both be pleased.

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