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Lower Control Arms ('79-'98)
The Proven Innovator - not an imitator!

Quick Facts

  • Improves rear traction
  • Reduces rear suspension bind
  • Stabilizes axle location reducing rear torque steer.
  • Reduces wheel hop.
  • Specific applications to fit your needs

The function of the stock rear upper control arms is to locate the axle housing laterally as well as control its rotation (they don't do either very well, as lateral tire loadings from cornering forces are not independent of engine or brake torque). They also prescribe a very high rear roll center which induces an inherent loose condition; and the layout of them creates a bind as the body rolls in a corner. The binding causes a sudden increase in the outboard wheel rate that results in the Mustang's characteristic "snap" oversteer.  Also, stock rubber bushings allow for more compliance allowing axle tramp or wheel hop; undesirable in a performance vehicle.  Because of these shortcomings Griggs Racing deletes the upper control arms in all cars that are used anywhere that the rules allow and installs a TorqueArm and Panhard bar or Watts link.  We then offer many different lower control arms sets best  to suit your specific vehicle usage. 

There is no one rear lower control arm style that is the best, but rather one of these arm designs is best suited to your specific vehicle usage.  They are all designed for longevity with low weight as a priority as well.  All noise canceling Griggs LCA’s (bushed on at least one end) are by far the lightest steel units on the market, and most all of our rear lower control arms weigh less than our competitor’s aluminum units and in most cases they are just as strong if not stronger.  Less weight is faster and rides better. 

The four units listed below are our most popular in order:

MCA 4500 N which is used with coil overs shocks, and utilizes a Urethane minimal compliant bushing at one end and Teflon lined spherical bearing at the other. Usage for this are is varied but is good for noise reduction on the street, as well as suitable for road racing or drag racing.  Weight is lighter than OEM units, and is the lightest ball end control arm on the market.

MCA 4000 N is a street/ strip control arm for use with coil overs.  Bushed at both ends it provides a degree of anti-roll to aid in launch of drag cars.  Not suitable for road racing, it is very effective for launch control, but the bushings are designed to afford the correct amount of compliance to control roll while remaining quiet on the street.  Nearly half the weight of OEM LCAs

MCA 6000 WC are extended length control arms designed for serious competition vehicles such Autocrossers, American Iron and World Challenge cars and are very light weight but strong aluminum tubular arms.  They also work well on Drag cars up to about 1000 Hp.  A 4130 model can be special ordered for cars over 1000HP.  Included are brackets and hardware to relocate the control arm forward and allow for vertical adjustment of the chassis mounting point which is a great tuning aid for both road racers and drag racers as it allows for biasing rear roll steer and/or rear roll steer independent of corner weights. 

The longer arm length reduces the overall rear roll steer considerably from that of the OEM layout which is excessive. Teflon lined spherical bearings are used on both ends to reduce binding that can occur with more compliant bushings.   They are light and strong.  These are the same rear control arms used in many American Iron races by many different drivers including, Ernesto Roco who was victorious in winning the American Iron Extreme Championship in 2006.  Like most of the products bearing the Griggs Racing name they are proven under brutal race conditions across the world to be the absolute best performance value. 

MCA 4000 D is designed for competition vehicles where rules and /or budgets require the stock lower control arm chassis location to be retained.  They are usable on the street and are fitted with friction free rattle free ball type rod ends at both ends and allow for easy alignment of rear axle.  They are light and strong.  Deletes rear OEM anti-roll bar in Mustangs and T birds prior to 05.

MCA 2000  allows for adjustment of rear ride height by turning a bolt.  They utilize a stock style spring or Flat wound springs common in the oval track market.  We only recommend adjustable rear lower control arms in situations were the rules do not allow the use of rear coil overs.  If rear coil overs are allowed they are easier to adjust, lighter and perform better.  Our adjustable rear control arms are not just a bent piece of round tubing like many of the other lesser quality units on the market.  Priority was placed on using straight tubing and triangulation.  This results in control arms that are not only stronger but also significantly lighter.  In spite of all the added features these MCA 2000 series LCAs weigh the same as OEM units.

    Price   Product Name   Model   Buy Now 
 Rear Control Arms (Fits Stock-Style Springs)   $234.95   Rear Control Arms (Fits Stock-Style Springs)   MCA 4000 S  Buy Now 
 Rear Aluminum World Challenge Control Arms ('79-'04)   $369.95   Rear Aluminum World Challenge Control Arms ('79-'04)   MCA 6000 WC-99  Buy Now 
 Rear Control Arms (No Spring Perch, Fits Coil-Overs)   $234.95   Rear Control Arms (No Spring Perch, Fits Coil-Overs)   MCA 4000 N  Buy Now 
 Rear Control Arms,  Adj. Length (Fits Stock-Style Springs, '79-'98)   $329.95   Rear Control Arms, Adj. Length (Fits Stock-Style Springs, '79-'98)   MCA 4500 S  Buy Now 
 Rear Control Arms, Adj. Length (No Spring Perch, Fits Coil-Overs, '79-'98)   $329.95   Rear Control Arms, Adj. Length (No Spring Perch, Fits Coil-Overs, '79-'98)   MCA 4500 N  Buy Now 
 Rear Control Arms (Adj. Perch, Fits Stock-Style Springs)   $399.95   Rear Control Arms (Adj. Perch, Fits Stock-Style Springs)   MCA 2000 S  Buy Now 
 Rear Control Arms (Adj. Perch, Fits Flat Springs)   $399.95   Rear Control Arms (Adj. Perch, Fits Flat Springs)   MCA 2000 F  Buy Now 
 Rear Control Arms, Aluminum, Road Race and  Track & Drag Race, Stock Length ('79-'98)   $249.95   Rear Control Arms, Aluminum, Road Race and Track & Drag Race, Stock Length ('79-'98)   MCA 6000 D  Buy Now 
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