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Panhard Bars ('79-'98)
The Proven Innovator - not an imitator!

Quick Facts

  • Positively locates the rear axle laterally.
  • Increases controllability and driver confidence under power and in cornering
  • Can be installed independently of TorqueArm.  Use with one upper arm removed for improved handling.
  • When used with a TorqueArm and both rear upper control arms removed, lateral tire loads are made independent of changes in engine & brake torque loads, vastly improving handling and power applied performance and braking.
  • Lowers the rear roll center from OEM, improving corner exit traction.
  • Better roll center location than competitors.
  • No increase in rear anti-roll bar required to make up for design flaws.
  • Fits all Tail pipes with OEM path.
  • No bends in chassis and axle brackets affords zero flex.
  • Best choice for daily drivers


The stock Mustang rear suspension has four links that must simultaneously carry engine or brake torque and lateral cornering loads to the tires, and because of the compromises involved they do a poor job at both.  This leads to inconsistent traction and poor controllability when driven in a spirited manner or harder.  To remedy this, Griggs Racing recommends the use of a Panhard bar to help laterally locate the rear end. The design incorporates a rear axle alignment provision. 

Also know as a “track bar” The Panhard Bar is the next best thing to a Watts Link, yet more suitable to daily drivers as it incorporates a noise canceling bushing to reduce noise from rear end gears.  Roll center height is designed for street use with wet pavement in mind.  We have designed our Panhard Bar to an optimum length as is convenient to installation with OEM and aftermarket style exhaust systems that follow the stock path while maintaining a roll center height conducive to good street performance so.  (A longer bar is not better like some of our competitors will try and have you believe as a longer bar increases time for the car to “take a set” in the corner, and requires lower mounting, lowering the roll center below optimum).

The stock Mustang rear suspension has four links that control tire location and torque-control and because of the compromises involved they do a poor job at both.  This leads to inconsistent traction.  To fix this, Griggs Racing recommends the use of a Panhard bar to help latterly locate the rear end, and the design also incorporates provisions for accurate rear axle alignment.  Exhaust systems that follow the stock path will work with this Panhard bar, please contact us if you have questions or need specific recommendations please contact us at (707) 939-2240. This is a proven design used on thousands of cars.

A characteristic of a the Panhard bar is a difference in cornering balance between left and right turns, especially in quick succession such as through a slalom or esses.  If this is a priority of use, a GR40 Watts link is a better choice.

If you wish to read more about how a Panhard Bar fits into a complete suspension system please read the following:
"Been There, Done It All" October 2004, 5.0 Mustang and Super Fords (12.4 MB pdf )
The GR40 Suspension System
"Extreme Winner" May 2005, 5.0 Mustang and Super Fords (2.47 MB pdf)

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 Heavy Duty Panhard Bar (Fits 9", '79-'04)   $519.95   Heavy Duty Panhard Bar (Fits 9", '79-'04)   MPB 9200 A  Buy Now 
 Heavy Duty Panhard Bar ('79-'98)   $399.95   Heavy Duty Panhard Bar ('79-'98)   MPB 1200 A  Buy Now 
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