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Severe Duty Torquearm Kit (Fits 9", and Round SFC, '64-70)
[EMTA 9000 RS]

Quick Facts

  • Increases rear traction (forward bite)
  • Decreases stopping distance significantly
  • Engineered to maximize ground clearance
  • Can be used without other rear suspension modifications
  • Presets pinion angle
  • Longer U-joint life
  • The most driver friendly way to hook up power.

When used with a Panhard Bar or Watts Link the TorqueArm will substantially improve overall controllability of the vehicle regardless of power output because it:

  • Allows for the removal of the rear upper control arms and quad-shocks on cars so equipped.
  • Decreases snap-oversteer
  • Corrects rear roll center location
  • Decreases rear bind
  • Inspires driver confidence

64 to 70 Mustangs have leaf springs which are required to locate and distribute all loads emanating from the rear tires into the chassis, as well as carry the weight of the car.  The Leaves cannot do both well and therefore creates inconsistency in controllability under high load conditions.

The TorqueArm when coupled with a Panhard bar or Watts link is the best in terms consistency of control and improved braking due to is constant and consistent tire loading regardless of ride height changes as the car encounters surface irregularities, cresting hills, etc. Compared to 3 link, 4 link, 5 link or IRS designs, the improvement in car control under power offsets any arguable merits of the other systems in a high powered rear drive vehicle that is without aid of high down-force aerodynamic devices. For this reason the same basic geometry is used on most Sprint Cars, Supermodifieds, Late Model Stock Cars, and other professional race cars around the world where rules allow.  TorqueArm geometry would be used in more forms of road racing were it not for rules restrictions in various organizations such as TransAm, and NASCAR, or where aerodynamic packaging is the priority of design as in Indy cars and Formula 1.   

Griggs Racing was the innovator of TorqueArm design application to the Mustang in 1979, and has produced many versions and improvements since its inception.  Currently there are 2 basic off the shelf versions of Griggs Racing TorqueArms; Heavy Duty, and Severe Duty. The Heavy Duty TorqueArm is intended for street use on cars with under 400 RWHP.  For cars with over 400 RWHP, or cars with sticky tires that are drag raced, road raced brutally, autocrossed, or similarly abused, we offer the Severe Duty TorqueArm. The structure of the sever duty arm consists of 2 of the Heavy Duty arms welded together side by side. For this reason many people refer to this as the “Double Wide” TorqueArm. 

These are not hard and fast rules and when in doubt you should contact us for specific recommendations for your application.  The Severe Duty TorqueArm is the most popular, yet Bruce Griggs races his AIX cars on the single wide Heavy Duty TorqueArm although his cars exceed the power level described above.  This is to save weight and Bruce has the experience to not abuse his car and still win.  If absolute durability regardless of abuse is the priority, you should choose the Severe Duty unit which is the most popular.  When in doubt you should contact for a specific recommendation for your application.

TorqueArm kits are stocked to fit all 64-70, and 79 to 04 or current SN197 Mustangs as well as fox based T-Birds to fit 8.8 or 9 inch rear ends.

We also manufacture Custom TorqueArms to your specific vehicle and application be it a Mustang, Camaro, or custom hot rod of another nature.  We have done so for a variety of rear axles in a variety of cars used in drag racing, road racing and street use intended for any power level.  Please contact us for more information. 


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