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GR40SS Super Street Complete Chassis System
[S197 GR40SS Chassis]

Major components include:

  • Coil-Over Front Struts with Rebound Adjustable Koni Inserts designed for lower ride height while retaining full travel for smooth ride and improved performance.
  • Integral Billet Aluminum Camber Plates
  • Urethane Front Control Arm Bushings
  • Adjustable Aluminum Rear Control Arms (Heim jointed)
  • TorqueArm
  • Adjustable Aluminum Panhard Bar (Heim jointed)
  • Fully Adjustable Ride Height front and rear
  • Rear Coil-Over Ball End Rebound Adjustable Koni/Griggs Shocks with integral progressive bump-stops facilitating lowered ride height retaining full bump travel. (OE bump stops on axle along with the Upper Link are deleted for lower ride height with full travel for improved ride quality) and performance.

    This incredible kit includes the foundation to make a street-driven Mustang into a smooth riding, incredible handling street/strip/track car. Configured to give you incredible hookup for a blast at the drag strip, while at the same time provide superb cornering performance at the track and on the way home. The system focus is correcting the S197 rear suspension geometry to kill rear wheel hop at launch, greatly improving traction and stability, while allowing infinite ride height adjustment and superior damping. This is the best place to start on your S197 Mustang and will give you a great foundation for future upgrades to power, etc.

    Optional components:

  • Adjustable Rear Anti-Roll Bar
  • Adjustable Rear Control Arms (Urethane/Heim)
  • Street/Quiet Adjustable Length Panhard Bar (Urethane/Heim)
  • Adjustable Watts Link w/ Rear End Girdle (Heim jointed) As displayed in image below
  • Adjustable Spider Watts Link w/TA cover (Quiet Model, Urethane/Heim)
  • "Wide tire 315 Kit" Allows use of 10.5" rear wheels and 305/315mm-18 tires
  • Double Adjustable Struts (Inquire)
  • Double Adjustable Rear GRV Shocks. (Inquire)
  • Installation is as easy as it gets with very little welding required. Whether you drive your Mustang to work, at the drag strip, or in the canyons this kit is guaranteed to yield major performance improvements.

    These kits are built to order and ship 2-4 weeks after order is placed.

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    Available Options:
    Coil-over options:
    Lateral Link:
    Rear Anti-Roll Bar:
    Rear Control Arms:
    Wide Tire Shock Mount:
    Reviews $3,839.55
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