Koni D/A Strut Mustang Pair

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Quick Facts

  • Griggs Racing custom valving suitable for street or track.
  • Double adjustable, easily adjust for ride quality or performance.
  • Converts to coil-over use.


Quick Facts

  • Griggs Racing race winning custom valving.
  • Double adjustable configuration so you can easily adjust ride quality or transitional characteristics as required.
  • Easily converts to Coil over use.
  • Requires little to no service over an almost indefinite lifespan.
  • Most popular for strut equipped GR40 cars.
  • Suitable for street, autocross, or NASA and SCCA circuit racing.

The two most important elements in a performance chassis are the tires and shocks (or struts).  Dampers are a better term as their primary purpose is to dampen motion of the chassis.  Koni provides the quality and performance we demand of dampers to be included in a GR40 Kit.

Quickly adjust for Track or Street. 

When high speed control is the main requirement , and then back to street use when the best ride is the priority.And the adjustment process is easy, if you follow our instructions.

Special Damping Curves:

Digressive compression curve and simple on car adjust-ability of both compression and extension rates makes this the serious club racer’s choice.

Coil Over Conversion: 

Use with Part Number FCO 2000 coil over hardware kit, and appropriate spring and camber plate for year of vehicle. Contact us to help you choose from our vast array of springs the correct rate for you.


Koni technology has been proven by over 70 years of international competition including Formula One. Based on this, long ago Koni was the first choice Griggs Racing worked closely with in developing shocks and struts for GR40 and GR350 Kits.  As a result, Koni damping was instrumental in Griggs Racing Chassis systems legendary performance, And Koni durability is unsurpassed.  Koni’s are an investment you will have for a very long time.  They are not “throw away” shocks.

Most replacement strut brands on the market usually “feel” pretty good upon replacement.  But, after a short time their “low speed” damping characteristics degrade and handling and driver confidence suffers.  Plus most all other brands are made with inadequate low speed damping to obtain superior high speed performance.

With valving perfected to suit our standards, and the win record of GR40 cars to prove the point, these are a necessary step to tuning any 79-04 strut equipped Mustang chassis to perfection.