MKM 2000 3-6N – Tubular K Member (No Motor Mnt, Brackets ’79-’04)


Quick Facts

  • For use with engine plates or custom engine adaptions >/li>
  • Light weight to remove front end weight.
  • Rigid
  • Highest strength to
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Quick Facts

  • For use with engine plates or custom engine adaptions >/li>
  • Light weight to remove front end weight.
  • Rigid
  • Highest strength to weight ratio on the market
  • Geometry revised to increase:


    -Camber range of adjustment

    -Ackerman (toe out in turn)

  • Bumpsteer improvements
  • Increased header clearance
  • Ease of engine and accessory maintenance
  • Modular design and manufacturing allows for custom ordering of models for engine swaps, solid engine mountings or for motor plate applications.
  • And the only K member on the market with a lifetime guarantee**. 

Although a Griggs TorqueArm and Panhard Bar account for a large percentage of handling improvement, there comes a point at which the factory front suspension geometry becomes the limiting factor in overall chassis performance.  This can only be properly corrected by changing the K-Member geometry. 

The revised Geometry that a GR40 K-Member provides reduces brake dive because the braking effort is focused through the cars center of gravity rather than below it which is what happens with stock geometry and lowering springs.  By relocating the control arm pickup points relative to the stock location, the dynamic camber gain is increased.  It is important that more negative camber is required as cornering force increases.  This is due to increased tire deflection and body roll which diminish the tire contact area.  The K-member will increase dynamic camber change (during body roll).  Increasing dynamic camber gain means less static camber need be dialed into the suspension, allowing more tire contact during straight line braking.  It will also lead to improved straight line feel and driver confidence.  We also make changes to the cars steering effectiveness and feel through fine tuning the Ackerman (Ackerman is the increase in toe out of the front tires as the steering wheel is turned due to the fact the inboard tire is rolling through a shorter radius then the outboard tire.).  Through changes in the K-Member geometry the wheelbase is also lengthened and front to rear weight distribution is improved. 

The GR40 K-Member is the heart of the front suspension system.  Besides providing improved geometry  the tubular K-member is a big weight savings and a joy to work with when installing headers and such because of all the room it leaves open. 

Due to the strict control in our in house manufacturing facility you can count on the fact that our K-members will bolt on with perfect fit and stand up to your durability requirements whether you use your vehicle as a daily driver or as a dedicated track car. 

We can custom design and manufacture K-members for most any application.  If you have any specific questions regarding your application please contact us at (707) 939-2244.

** See Life time warranty

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